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MAKE RIGHT DECISION! Why invest in Exclusive Patio furniture? Logically explained.

Bought by Elite Shoppers Exclusive Luxox high quality furniture is made from one of the toughest and highest grade of raw-material. Compared to indoor furniture. Patio furniture need special treatment while manufacturing. We go to a great extent to produce and wish to share experience as a small guide to help you.

Most of the house owners face such situation When they are planning to replace old outdoor furniture or decorating a new space and apathetic about the brand they bought from earlier. Vice-versa when you have a very nice experience with the quality of furniture and service of the manufacturer you are using and return again to purchase more from the favourite brand. These are the key factors added below.

Remember the a b c of Patio furniture. It has to sustain the harsh environment of all weather exposure.

Good quality raw material build durable furniture

Use of right grade of powder coated Aluminium instead of Ms to avoid rusting.

All weaving material should be UV and Heat Stabilised. This means your furniture has a Shield to face Sun.

Sunbrella and Agora Fabrics are some of the brands you can rely upon for doing upholstery for any type of outdoor furnishing. Note! The right grade for the right use.

Exotic hard Wood should be properly selected and sorted before processing. The wood should go through numerous process of seasoning and Oiling.

Finally all that dose not fit in a low cost furniture. When we spend so much to source the finest raw-material its time to invest in workmanship. A flawless and uniform finish come from experienced hands and mind.

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