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Yes of course. Our furniture is eco friendly as it eliminates use of natural rattan or wood saving on deforestation. It is 100% recyclable and reusable.

After prolonged use you can get it re woven as the Powder coated aluminium structure inside is intact and can sustain a long way. However if you still wish you can contact a recycler or dealer to fetch you few surprising deal for the Aluminium inside.

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A cosy little space at your home just away out of the box yet adjacent to our living space. Its fairly a well approachable subsequent living space you can pop up every now and then. In todays metropolitan lifestyle we have fairly populated city having small balcony interestingly a select few have large veranda.

You want it to be an interesting space where you can read write or spend some close to nature moments. That’s how we guess you have dreamed off your balcony. Your balcony is a space to give you a break from daily routine.

For a small balcony facing towards a green forest, river or mountain we have plenty of options such as small sized outdoor Single seater lounge with a end table which may be converted to foot stool or extra seat when some one pop in.

An urban veranda facing a apartment or recreational space down under may be furnished with a single seater or two seater swing.

A medium sized metropolitan balcony can have a canopy bed with one or two extra chairs and a small Table.

A large apartment may have fairly big balcony. This would be ideal space to put a sofa, bar corner and a sun lounger. We can recreate a feel of party place or family recreation area.

We can help our buyer to select from our vast range of outdoor collection with littlie information and discussion with you. Connect with us by email or phone.

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