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We currently supply Outdoor Furniture, Braided Furniture, Wood and Metal Furniture, Wicker Outdoor Furniture, Garden Furniture, Patio Furniture, Garden Umbrella, Tensile Structure, Terrace Furniture, Balcony Furniture  to all locations in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal Including Andaman | Ahmedabad | Ambala | Amritsar | Agartala | Ajmer | Agra | Bangalore | Bhopal | Bhubaneswar | Chandigarh | Chennai | Coimbatore | Delhi | Dehradun | Dharamshala | Daman and Diu | Faridabad | Gurgaon | Ghaziabad | Gwalior | Goa | Guwahati | Hyderabad | Haridwar | Indore| Imphal | Jaipur | Jalandhar | Jodhpur | Jaisalmer | Jhansi | Jammu and Kashmir | Kochi | Kolkata | Kanpur | Karur | Lucknow | Ludhiana | Lakshadweep | Mangalore | Mumbai | Mussoorie | Mysuru | Mathura | Manali | Madurai | Meerut | New Delhi | Navi Mumbai | Noida | Nagpur | Pune | Panaji | Puducherry | Patna | Patiala | Raipur | Rishikesh | Surat | Sikkim | Shillong | Shimla | Thane | Telangana | Udaipur | Vellore | Vadodara | Visakhapatnam & More..

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Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Check out our latest Outdoor Furniture collection right here. Please feel free to share your valued feedback.

Braided Rope & Cord Sofa Set for Outdoor

Flash back to the dawn of mankind’s furniture concepts – to tufts of water hyacinth and sea-grass used to weave and create that original brilliance. The LUXOX range of braided & Rope furniture derives from just those traditional aesthetics. Only here, a classic weave and a classy modularity, unaffected by the elements, work in synchronized tandem. An evocative nostalgia holds hands with state-of-the art technology and novelty in furniture design. Exclusive. Special. So you. 

Our Select range of Premium Braided & Rope  Outdoor Furniture to suit all you Requirements & Designs. Start from Outdoor Sofa, Garden Chairs, Dining Set, Bench, Couch, Sun Lounger, Swing, Daybed & many more utility. Build Tough to withstand Sun and Wind. Best Quality Braided - Rope & fabric from Sunbrella for Long life. Choose from Different design and Quality as per Outdoor Furniture requirements.

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

How about living life with Nature. Luxox bring you the choice of relaxing into the lap of Nature. Go and indulge in Outdoor living extravaganza. Be inspired to get up early in that misty morning and feel the fragrance of flowers in your balcony. We aspire to make your outdoor area an inviting place to sit and relax in the lap of nature. When the sun is cool, move outdoor. Nicely organized outdoor areas has plenty of room for playing, growing, dining and relaxing. When the sun is a bit too hot, we have umbrellas and gazebos to keep you cool. Come..Just relax by pool side with our Patio collection.

Traditional combinations of wicker with rattan, has been responsible of a whole new collection of outdoor furniture, that takes advantage of almost five decades of research and improvements on what materials to use, for creating your own little piece of paradise. The furniture can be used outdoors as well as in doors, in lounges, living rooms, but also gardens. through use of aluminum and polyethylene optimal protection against extreme weather conditions is guaranteed, and so are the tables, that are constructed from solid teak wood, that was made to last, but also to be pleasing to the human eye. The luxury furniture, requires almost no maintenance, and can be left outside, even during the winter months.

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Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Love to see #tensilepagoda? Good news!

PVDF tensile membrane structure is a construction of elements carrying only tension. Modern tensile structural form with both tension and compression elements.

Thin-shell structures Tensile structures are supported by rings, beams, cables, steel pillars, purlin & rafter.

Today PVDF tensile membrane structure is used as a roof, as they can economically and attractively span large distances. Tensile membrane structures may also be used as common applications like sports facilities, warehousing and storage buildings, and exhibition venues.

PVDF Tensile Membrane Structures

Type of tensile Structures used in building sheds are Surface-stressed structures

Pre stressed membranes, Pneumatically stressed membranes, Grid shell, Fabric structure

PVDF Tensile Membrane Structure

Tensile Structure Drawings

PVDF Tensile Structure Planing & Designing