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EXPERT ADVICE! Easy steps to cover your outdoor furniture. It's important.

Outdoor furniture is exposed to all weather conditions and harsh conditions like sun rain dust and wild animals. Importance and benefits of covering a furniture is summarised below.

When not in used for long period it can be covered to protect from Rain & direct sun light and dust.

Covering outdoor furniture may protect it from pets and wild animals. Inside a properly stitched and tied up cover furniture is less venerable to damages.

Covering furniture helps retain the fresh look and help avoiding unwanted dirt deposit.

Covering furniture can also result in low maintained and longevity. The lesser it is exposed to sun and rain the longer it last.

Traditional Ways to cover furniture is to cover it with poly sheets or Canvas “Tirpal”. It is easy to get a durable and long lasting custom-made cover for your outdoor furniture. Just drop us an email to and get quote for you furniture cover.

Other was to cover furniture is to have a canopy, awning or Umbrella but it can protect from direct sun and rain at the same time it can not prevent dirt and dust to settle on it.

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