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BE SURE! Select the right umbrella or gazebo to make shades.

Outdoor spaces are more safer, comfortable, pleasant and attractive with Umbrella. Gazebo & tensile Structure. These can not only add up to ambiance but it can help us extend the sitting areas a little bit more out of the bricks.

A umbrella next to your living room in the lawn is yet another extend outdoor living area which is close to nature.

Importance of umbrella.

It can protect furniture from direct sun, rain and dust keeping it new and fresh.

An Umbrella can extend the time of outdoor living a little more. You may pop up a bit early in sunny days under umbrella or even spend some extra late hours during foggy and misty rainy / winter season.

It also adds opportunity to decorate in multiple ways under the umbrella.

Types of umbrella

Centre pole garden umbrella

Side pole Garden umbrella

Cantilever umbrella

Square or hexagonal umbrella

Jumbo umbrella for Large space.

Types of fixed structure

Cabana, Gazebo

tensile Structure.


These are fixed shed made out of PVDF membrane, MS, SS and Steel ropes. These are not only safe and less venerable. It ads up aesthetics of your outdoor space. Tensile structure are more durable & sturdy then Umbrella when it comes to Windy areas.

Our experts can suggest suitable product for you? A umbrella or a tensile structure? With Help of our technical team you can design and Build the right tensile structure. Just drop a email to

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