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TOP 5! Verities of outdoor furniture.

Available in different material there are various mix and match of outdoor furniture. We have 2000 plus designs and 50 plus categories of outdoor furniture to select from. We know how difficult it is to select from such a large number of options. The furniture are of different types depending on different use. From a traditional balcony chair to a swing chair, it’s a huge collection of sofa sets, day beds, couch, rocking chair, canopy bed, cabana, sun lounger and few accessories.

We can however distinguish it 5 different material as summarised down.

HDPE wicker cane patio furniture

Aluminium or other metal outdoor furniture.

Braid & rope Outdoor furniture.

Fabric upholstered Outdoor Furniture.

Fusion of Metal, Wicker and Wood Furniture.

Along with furniture we have Nicely designed sturdy garden parasol to select from.

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