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4 EASY STEPS! Select perfect colours for outdoor cushion and furniture.

Selecting the perfect colour for furniture as well as furniture cushions that suits best, the outdoor space which you might be dreaming for long time is never the less going to be easy. We will guide you to through this process but remember the final call will be yours tough It is advisable to keep coordination with your architect or designer. We summarise the process to four different steps.

Observation .

Observation is first the first level and most important steps in creating a nice colour selection. We advice you to spend some time and sip a coffee in the raw space created by you in early evening. You may observe the environment and surroundings e.g the Sky, the trees, Garden, the water body and many little things. Remember to make a note of the colour that you like around.

Lifestyle & Mood

The lifestyle and mood is equally important while selecting colours as this describes you and your interest perfectly. You may chose from bright fascinating colour to stuttle and pastel shades. You should some time break a pattern out from life style to highlight small few things like artefacts and decorative. Just remember add to your notes and mark important things.

Collecting information

While selecting you should always first collect the shades and swatches of furniture and fabric and keep it with you. You should always be aware of trends and fashion around the world.

Selecting and coordinating.

The final stage, when you take a call on what you should go for. By now you have enough information. Share you thoughts with architect, designer and family. And now put away the colour that you don’t want and mark as favourites the right ones. Left with a small shortlist database while comparing the surroundings it will be quite easy to make final selections.

Lastly we really find it helpful to spend some time in the raw space… it really works. For more help on selecting colours drop a email with some pictures of your place.

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