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KNOW HOW! Maintenance for outdoor furniture.

Can we place the furniture outside directly? Yes you may. But as we are aware by the rules of physics every object has its life and has to decay after a pre defined life span. As to protect our investment and resource we may take care of these products. We may replace the cushion to a safer place when not in use and cover the furniture during sunny and rainy days. This will help retain its original functionalities and characteristics.

Our outdoor wicker & Braid furniture is made of very tough UV resistant polypropylene synthetic fibre which requires very little maintenance.

Clean using plenty of water and a soft brush to wash Outdoor Wicker. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents and abrasives. Remove any spilt food and drinks as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining. Do not attempt to clean outdoor wicker furniture in direct sunlight on a hot day. Avoid sunny hours and do not pour water when the product is very hot. Select morning and evening for washing these products.

Wooden furniture requires proper care like oiling after every 8 to 12 month to retain its texture, look and feel.

Our fabrics comes with washing instruction, specifically for specific stains and spots. All furniture’s are shipped with Bill, warranty & washing instructions. Please follow them otherwise the warranty will lapse.

Check out this link for more detailed instruction :

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