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INSPIRED IDEAS! Outdoor furniture styling and fashion.

Why settle for less when you can own luxurious piece of furniture at a good deal directly from Manufacturer. Style your outdoor area as per latest trends and fashion, and you don’t have to spend your fortune. Luxox present wide verity of furniture built with marvellous material to suit your style and Budget. Remember the selection of furniture is important and it depends on usage.

While we have few suggestion for you although you will definitely follow the trend and style of the moment.

Wicker furniture and Metal furniture is suitable for all outdoor space which has direct exposure to Sun, Rain and Dust. These are extremely easy to maintain and clean and comes with 10 year of warranty.

Braid furniture and wooden furniture is exclusive and attractive as compared to Wicker. It would be unjustified and not a fair treat to place a exclusive furniture just anywhere. Braid and rope furniture should be placed in fairly decorated space with a nice floor, decking, shade balcony and conservatory Giving it a nice environment to compliment.

Wooden furniture requires proper care like oiling after every 8 to 12 month to retain its texture, look and feel.

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