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A comfy outdoor hangout, right here at home. Enliven the joy of togetherness, stimulate the creative juices, let a harmonious tranquility take over. The Luxox range of outdoor swings embody the ecstasy of the human spirit.

How about living life with Nature. Luxox bring you the choice of relaxing into the lap of Nature. Go and indulge in Outdoor living extravaganza. Be inspired to get up early in that misty morning and feel the fragrance of flowers in your balcony. We aspire to make your outdoor area an inviting place to sit and relax in the lap of nature. When the sun is cool, move outdoor. Nicely organized outdoor areas has plenty of room for playing, growing, dining and relaxing. When the sun is a bit too hot, we have umbrellas and gazebos to keep you cool. Come..Just relax by pool side with our Patio collection.


Outdoor Furniture- Swing - Blush

SKU: 632835642834572
₹41 731,80Price
Excluding Tax
    • Brand: Luxox Glitter
    • SKU/Product Code: L-OWP-SS-888 (Outdoor Furniture - Swing - Blush)
    • Primary Material : Outdoor Wicker (Powder Coated Aluminium & UV & Heat Stabilised HDPE Wicker)
    • Dimensions: Stand: L 42*W 42*H 72/80, Swing: L 32*W 36*H 48 (Inches) / Stand: L 107*W 107*H 183/203, Swing: L 81*W 91*H 122 (cm) 
    • Installation/Assembly : Do it yourself.
    • Qty / Cushion: 1 Pc. Swing & 1 Pc Stand, Polly Fill Cushion.
    • Product Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks (Depends upon the type and ready availability of product; Luxox Sales team will contact you for estimated delivery date or you can write to for further details)
    • Maintenance Free (Washable, No re-painting required)
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