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The Search for the perfect moment and the twist and curls of time is the real pull and chase of life….

Binging from the era  of newly formed Independent India  past 1947 Shri Saroj Kumar Das a freedom fighter established a business taking forward the culture of  trading traditional khaadi garment and forest cane, Bamboo & Timber distributer in Assam. This was further nurtured for decades by his son Shri Sankar P Das as he began making Rattan Furniture and artifacts in the later part of 19th century in  North  Delhi under the title of renowned Export House Sribhumi International.

The idea of walking in a father’s footsteps is as old as the art of making furniture itself. It’s the idea on which Somnath Das founded Luxox now the head at Luxox Furniture Pvt Ltd 

— he still remembers sitting in the corner of his father’s Cane furniture factory cum warehouse and Export exhibition stalls as a young boy marveling at the care of his father took as he learn the craft of making durable furniture and artifacts from scratch.

Not just a brilliant learner, but also the consummate people person; in many ways the quality of the relationships he built with his customers was just as important as the quality of his furniture.

Forty years on, he continues his father’s tradition of fine hand woven wicker furniture making coupled with excellent service.

Custom Finish




Not much more than twenty years ago, Indian furniture manufacturing industry was flourishing.

A few Indian manufacturer continued on, though we felt that there was a lot of demand for high-quality Indian made outdoor furniture. We founded Customized outdoor luxury furniture Brand Luxox In 2007 

We made Furniture for Club, restaurant, Resorts, hotels & farmhouses and began to develop a strong reputation, soon attracting customers architect, interior designers & freelance landscaping professionals. Some time later, Luxox also moved into mass furniture making, again achieving a name in that range for quality and comfort.




Our intuitive sense that there was a huge market for hand-made outdoor furniture proved to be visionary thinking. Although many consumers were drawn to the allure of imported Furniture, some remained loyal to the idea of true quality and craftsmanship and Indian Make.

Recently, this group of consumers has begun to expand rapidly. The ‘Slow Movement’, beginning as people today latch on to the concepts that underpin Fashion, genuinely high-quality lifestyle and furniture, locally made by hand, is becoming more and more sought-after.

Eager to continue the legacy of Sribhumi Somnath came to Customized Indian hand made furniture in the name of Luxox with a background in design and a keen sense that the wave of Slow Fashion was bringing with it a burgeoning desire for individual life style as well as practical comfort and dependable quality.

Slow Transition




Our prime team members of furniture maker Ratan – Chief in Furniture framing and design, Izaz – Chief in Upholstery and styling, Suresh – Chief In  Weaving and hand detailing coupled with our sales and service representative possesses more than 40 years of combined experience. We continue the Custom made tradition, making outdoor wicker Furniture for patio, Terrace & garden. 

But today we also concentrate heavily on modern fashion, and produce furniture that say as much about a person’s individual style as they do about their interests and needs.

Every item is made in India by hand.


The premises in Karwal Nagar is not only a retail studio showcasing select few of our ever-expanding collection of furniture and ideas, but also the workshop, the very place where we make our Furniture’s.


Today Luxox
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