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Unmatched comfort. Versatile customization. Exclusivity. Welcome to a new world of upholstered furniture designs. The LUXOX range extends indoor concepts to the weather resistance and durability of outdoor fully upholstered furniture designs, ideal for hotels, resorts and country houses. Anti-microbial, quick-dry foam combines with powder-coated aluminum frames to enhance functionality and low maintenance. While spelling out sophisticated class

Outdoor Fully Upholstered Bean Bag

    • Brand: Luxox

    • SKU/Product Code: L-OFD-UB-102 (Outdoor Fully Upholstered Bean Bag)
    • Material : Fully Upholstered(Powder Coated aluminium & Fabric)
    • Dimensions / Shape: 
    • Installation/Assembly :Do it yourself - Instruction will be sent
    • Qty: One Upholstered Bean Bag 
    • Product Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks (Depends upon the type and ready availability of product; Luxox Sales team will contact you for estimated delivery date or you can write to for further details)
    • Maintenance Free (Washable, No re-painting required)
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